Cosmetic Dentistry

According to an adult dental health survey, 1 in 4 people in the UK do not like the appearance of their teeth.

Today a great smile is the accepted norm. The shape, colour and quality of your smile can create the perception of youth, health and confidence. A great smile can positively influence your professional career and even your personal relationships. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? If not, you can enhance your smile in as little as 2 appointments.

Metal free fillings and crowns

More and more of our patients are requesting tooth coloured restorations. The advantages of metal free fillings, crowns and bridges are as follows:

  • Less invasive placement
  • Provide a tighter seal
  • More stable than mercury amalgam
  • Do not weaken tooth since they don’t expand with heat unlike metal
  • Excellent aesthetics                  

Therefore if you have cavities or worn out dental work or if you just want to replace your existing dental work to make it look beautiful, we can help you with the transformation.


The cosmetic form of botulinum toxin, often referred to by its product name Botox is a popular non-surgical injection that temporarily reduces or eliminates frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet near the eyes and thick bands in the neck. The toxin blocks the nerve impulses, temporarily paralysing the muscles that cause wrinkles while giving the skin a smoother, more refreshed appearance. Studies have also suggested that Botox is effective in relieving migraines, excessive sweating and muscle spasms in the neck and eyes.

Teeth Whitening

There are 2 options we provide:

  • Zoom whitening is a power whitening system which is done in the dental chair over 1 appointment
  • Professional bleaching is carried out over a period of weeks using a custom-made home bleaching kit. 

Dermal Fillers

Hydrofill is a crystal clear, biodegradable and non- animal gel based on a natural substance called hyaluronic acid. The gel is injected into the skin in tiny amounts. The result is instantaneous and produces a long lasting natural enhancement which is gentle and safe to your skin.

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